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Friday, July 25, 2008

Tapestry of Dreams and a few other things

I’m still waiting for TAPESTRY OF DREAMS to be downloaded to the Midnight Showcase Fiction site, but so far, it hasn’t happened. Probably because of the tropical storm in Texas. That is where Mae Powers, my copy editor, lives. She sent me the copy for one last look-over on Monday, but my eyes were going blurry from writing all day (my blog, postings on the different groups, and some other stuff). I never got a chance to check it out for a last minute edit. So if there are still any mistakes in the finished product, I’ll have to live with it.
I went through a couple of my released novels and, to my unpleasant surprise, I found many mistakes. Even though the novels were checked over to death by me and then again by my editors, mistakes still slipped through. I’m talking about typing errors. I can only hope my readers are forgiving and not nit picking. There are always those.
That, of course, is the reality of life. Plenty of people find great pleasure in hurting others, either physically or mentally. Writing a nasty review seems to give some people a high. No writer makes a mistake on purpose. Most of us want to create a perfect piece of work. Unfortunately, life is not perfect. Sometimes you just have to overlook mistakes. To err is to be human. (I know it is a cliché, but it is the truth).
Then again, I admit, if a novel is riddled with too many errors it can be distracting, unless one is blessed with a mind that connects the dots and ignores misspelled words.
Too many errors spell: SLOPPY or HASTE. It is natural for a writer to have his (or her) work published as soon as it is finished. We can’t wait to have other people read the product of our dreaming minds. It is a fault most of us suffer from. Therefore, if you do find a mistake, don’t be too critical. Be forgiving and enjoy the story. After all, that is my purpose. To give my readers a few hours of escape from reality. So, forget about everyday life, forget about rules and conventional customs, sit back, relax and dream.
Stardogs Two has slipped to number 11 position at Fiction Wise. I’m losing hope for the number one spot. There were just too many releases last week and the readers have only so much money to spend. Maybe they like Erotic Romance better than Erotic Science Fiction, I don’t know.
I’ve noticed that M/M and F/F stories are selling well. I don’t write that kind of stuff. If I write Erotica, it is M/F, that’s it. My characters might be aliens, but males are attracted to females and females to males. The way nature intended. It may not be politically correct these days, but, hey, that’s the way I feel. I make no apologies. Same goes for using words like ‘server’ instead of ‘waitress’, or ‘flight attendant’ instead of ‘stewardess’. If it’s a man, I will say so by using the word ‘waiter’ and ‘steward’. Why should I limit myself to certain words just to satisfy those kooks who feel insulted every time somebody says or writes things that don’t fit into their little world, when the English language is so rich and colorful. The words are there. Therefore I use them. It’s like telling a painter he (or she) can only use certain colors.
Another thing that drives me up a wall is when a writer can’t make up his/her mind if he/she should use ‘he’ or ‘she‘. He/she might come up with a solution to please everyone, like using ‘he’ in one paragraph and ‘she’ in the next. Or ‘he/she’. That’s when I want to shout: MAKE UP YOUR FRIGGEN MIND! Use EITHER, but not this crazy jumping around! It makes me dizzy. Again, it may not be politically correct, but it only makes common sense.
Okay, I vented again. Just a little.

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