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Friday, June 19, 2009

The Fly

US President Obama killed a fly. Nothing unusual. We’ve all done that at one time or another. Except for the Peta people. They practice a catch-and-release program with insects. Give me a break! According to them ‘Flies have feelings too’. Maybe they do, but they are a damn nuisance, and there are way too many of them.
I sometimes wonder about people like that. Where do they live? Under some protective dome on a planet called “Moron’?
Do they know that flies carry all kinds of diseases? Do they have any idea where the fly that manages to land on your sandwich has been before? How about mosquitoes or ticks? Anyone who lives in the real world and has experienced them will gladly help them into insect heaven or wherever they end up if there is an afterlife.
Mosquitoes carry the West Nile Virus and ticks can give you Lyme disease. My cousin was bitten by one of those mosquitoes. He spent time in the hospital, couldn’t remember his own name and spent months trying to walk again. My son was luckier, he only had the lesser symptoms. Let those Peta people get bitten by one of these critters and they may change their tune.
I love animals and I don’t believe in senseless killing of animals, but there are limits. I feed birds all year round. I have birdhouses in the yard for them to live in. If I catch a spider in the house I carry it outside and let it go, but most of the time if an insect enters my home it is considered an intruder into my sanctuary and it will be dealt with harshly. The sentence for break and enter is DEATH. Last year I caught and eliminated 17 mice in my garage. I’ll be on the lookout again this year. The traps and the cheese are waiting.
Live and let live is a wonderful concept, but we are living on a hostile planet. We’ve been at war with the sauna and fauna, with the viruses and bacteria ever since Homo Sapiens appeared, and before. There are carnivores, omnivores, herbivores and who knows what else on this planet. One eats the other. That’s how it was designed.
The majority of animal rights activists are living in a dream world. They are fanatics causing trouble, just like most of the minority groups who will do anything to call attention to their cause. Maybe their ideas are noble but as usual they carry it to the extremes, like the terrorist who blow up themselves and others for what they believe in. Or like antiabortionists who find nothing wrong murdering a doctor who performs abortions. (I’m not saying I am for abortion, but that is another topic).
Let’s get real here, peoples. Catching and releasing a fly borders on insanity. A person who does that should have his/her head examined and brought back to reality. All I can say is: Get a life.

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