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Friday, December 04, 2009


Welcome visitors from Love Romance Cafe. I promised you a free copy of 'Orion, the Hunt' just for visiting my blog. Just send me an email hegro@shaw.ca and mention your visit. Please, feel free to check out my books on my Website 'Herbert's World'. Perhaps you'll see something you like. Should you, by chance, already have 'Orion, the Hunt', then ask me for a free download of one of my other books. If you are a visitor who just stumbled across my blog, the offer stands also for you.
Hope to hear from you.

Right now I am busy writing my Science Fiction novel 'Epsilon'. I just crossed the 87,000 word barrier (not a special barrier. I just call it that for lack of another word). There is still much more to write until I'm finished. I don't know yet how I will end the novel, it is still a secret, even for me. That's the fun of writing. I never really know where the story will take me. I have ideas in my head, but they are still vague. All I know is that in the end everything will come together. It always does.
With Christmas shopping and other things to do, I don't write as much as I would like to, so the story is moving slowly ahead, but that also gives me time to reflect on it and fix some inconsistencies that sometimes happen.

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