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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye to 2009

The first decade of the twenty-first century is coming to an end. I remember when we left the twentieth century. It seems like only yesterday. I know that is an old phrase, but it is so true. These last ten years have gone by like a flash. When I look back I must say I actually managed to achieve a lot when it comes to my writing. I published my first story 'The Anniversary Gift' in 2005 (Sweet Revenge by Midnight Showcase) and my first book 'The Xandra, Daughter of the Dark' in 2006.
To date I've published 7 novels, 5 novellas, 1 short-story-collection (Tapestry of Dreams) and 5 short stories in various digests.
I also sold this year a two-book novel 'Stars in Chains' to MSFiction, publishing date not yet known.
In addition to the published ones I wrote a 180,000 word contemporary novel 'Tarnished Valor'. I'm still looking for a publisher (Print publisher) for that novel. Long novels like that are hard to sell as ebooks, unless I break it into two-volumes, which might eventually happen.
My new novel 'Epsilon' is coming along quite nicely. I managed to write some more since last I posted. I'm at 110,000 words right now. I will have to make two books out of that one as well. By the time I'm finished I will probably pass the 130,000 word mark.
I've proved to myself that I can accomplish a lot if I stick to it and not listen to other people who think it is a waste of time to pursue something that does not produce any money. They don't understand that success is not measured by the amount of money you get for your efforts. Success to me is anything I start and finish. If I can make a few people happy with what I write then I have achieved what I set out to do...share my creative dreams with others.
Some people golf, some play hockey, some people just watch sports played by others, some play soccer, some play football, or ride bicycles. There are others who paint, take pictures with their cameras, play an instrument, read books, etc. I write. It is as simple as that. Writing my stories takes me away from every-day-life into the world of the imagination where, no matter how many problems the heroes encounter, eventually everything always turns out right. Of course, that is up to me. I control what happens. (That's what you think, buddy. He...he...he). Sorry about that; just one of my characters popping in to undermine my wonderful essay.
I hope you all have a great year-end and a successful 2010.
Happy New Year.

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