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Friday, October 07, 2011

2 1/2 Men

We've watched 2 1/2 men from the beginning. At first I thought 'Charlie Sheen? In a funny sitcom? No way! He's a serious actor.' I liked him in action movies. But after watching the first show we actually liked it and became fans. Too bad Charlie had to screw up his life like this with drugs and alcohol. Anyway, we watched another episode with his replacement Kutcher. Maybe Kutcher is funny in other roles, but the character he plays in the new 2 1/2 men series is an idiot. Not funny at all. The episode was stupid but not funny. No genius who managed to make 1.2 Billion Dollars can be such a moron. If the writers and directors don't get their act together the show will bomb. Only another moron can like this new show. I'm saying this and I don't care if it is politically correct.It is almost insulting to expect normal people to watch this. And another thing...since when is farting funny? That's how the last episode ended...with Allan farting. Come on! I've already used idiot and moron. What other word can I use to express what I think about such stupid humor?
I'll give it a couple more chances, but if they decide to carry on this way I will stop watching the show. And I'm sure many other viewers will too. There are other funny sitcoms out there. Modern Family and Mike and Molly are a couple of really funny shows. Good humor.
It is hard to define what is funny and what makes people laugh, but some things are just not funny. Kutcher's character is not funny. I didn't laugh I just cringed.

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