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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yahoo and advertising

I don't like complaining, but I hate what Yahoo is doing to us again with their advertising. I'm talking about the ads popping up in the center of the postings on the Yahoo groups. It is so hard to read the excerpts and the information other members post. I realize that Yahoo makes its money on advertising, but do we really have to be subjected to this kind of abuse? And I consider it abuse because it annoys me. It gives me heart-palpitations. I wouldn't check out these ads out of principal just because they are so annoying and irritating. I hate all this advertising on TV; they are such a waste of my time, but there I can tape a show and forward the ads. What I hate about Yahoo is that we have no choice. They don't give us a choice to opt out of these ads. I don't mind them when they appear as a sidebar or even on the top as a small strip; I can live with that, but in the middle of the webpage? Come on! Enough is enough. I checked out a forum and found plenty of other upset users. One of the monitors of the forum posted that Yahoo takes a note of these complaints, but will they act upon it? I doubt it.
At first I thought it might be my browser. I use Mozilla Firefox, but when I used Google Chrome and Internet Explorer I got the same thing.
I am totally dissatisfied with Yahoo. Too bad we have no other choice. That is the problem when somebody has a monopoly. They can do what they want. Just like the governments.

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