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Sunday, October 30, 2011

An enjoyable evening

We went to a social last night. The daughter of one of our friends is getting married. 500 tickets were apparently sold and it seems most people came. The hall was designed for about 380 people or so, which meant many people were standing around, but with the dancing it didn’t really matter. It was a social and Halloween party. My wife went as a cat and I went as a policeman. Most people came in a costume, which was nice. Some went a bit too far, like the two guys wearing only briefs. I think they were supposed to be wrestlers. But there were many nice costumes. People went all out with makeup and whatever. There was a group from Wizard of Oz. A couple of tinmen, a lion, and even a guy dressed as a brickwall, not bad if not a bit revealing with his skintight outfit. Some came as zombies, different varieties of cats, policemen and women, gypsies. One guy was dressed as superman, another as a vampire. A Star Trek officer, even Spock was there. And witches. I can’t remember them all. It was nice to see people getting into the spirit of Halloween. Some girls were quite attractive in there costumes. Or to be politically correct I should say Young women. Oh yes, I may be an older guy but that doesn’t stop me from looking at attractive women.
The food was delicious: Perogies, cabbage rolls, meatballs, salads, ham and sausage, and deserts.
I’ve never been to a social with such great food. Usually it is just bread and sausage.
The prizes for the silent auction were also fabulous. A 42inch TV, Jets tickets (hockey), Blue Bomber tickets (football), and many other great prizes. Too bad we didn’t win anything.
One thing that spoiled it for me was the music, or what classifies as music these days. I put pieces of Kleenex in my ears which made it bearable, but it didn’t stop my chest from vibrating to the loud beat. Why does the DJ have to scream into the microphone? I didn’t understand a word he said. Of course, the speakers were shot anyway. Not that it mattered, because I wouldn’t have enjoyed the music even if it would have been played at a normal level. Our parents used to call it jungle music. In those days it wasn’t even as bad as it is now. I don’t understand the words. Pardon me, sometimes I can actually make out one word, like one song had nothing but hot, hot, hot. That’s all I heard. But maybe it was a different word.
I realized again why I haven’t gone to a social for such a long time. I’m as far removed from the music these days as a Neanderthal is from modern man. I’m not sure though if I’m the Neanderthal or vice versa.
I love the Jim Reeves type of Country music, Barbara Mandrell and Ann Murray type of popsongs. I like to dance the waltz, the tango, the foxtrot, rumba. I like to listen to saxophone and the romantic guitar of Liona Boyd for instance, music played on the piano by Richard Clayderman and musicians like him. Music I can relax by, words I can understand, not this loud screeching of steel guitars, the drumming, the screaming of people who can’t really sing. Not for me, but that is just me. Obviously, there are plenty of mostly young people who love it, so who am I to judge? Our parents criticized the way we behaved when we were young and we called them oldfashioned.
One thing I have to say, the young people at the social behaved exemplary. There were not fights or argument. No drunken brawls. So the music was loud. It didn’t really matter. As long as everyone has fun. That is important.
The world changes, people change, customs change, tastes change, in music and everything else. That is how the human race evolves. We can only hope it is for the better.

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