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Monday, November 07, 2011

First snow

Well, we've had our first snowfall this season. Not much, only about 2 cm, but it stayed on the grass all day. Some areas in Manitoba did get up to 27 cm of the white stuff. I don't mind it too much. I'll be going on my yearly deer hunting trip this Thursday and a little snow is always welcome. It makes tracking the deer easier in case they need to be tracked. But I usually put my deer down on the spot, which means I don't have to track them through the bush. It is difficult to find a spur if there is no snow. But snow means cold...brrr...brrr...Not something I enjoy, especially when I have to sit in my deer stand for hours. It's the feet that get cold first, and after a while the whole body begins to chill. Of course, I shouldn't complain; after all, I'm having fun LOL. Nobody forces me to go into the cold outdoors. I bought some toe-warmers this year, so cold feet should not be a problem. As long as it doesn't rain or sleet...that is the worst. There is nothing more discouraging than a cold wet wind in your face and cold drops of water running down your neck. I'm feeling uncomfortable just writing about it. Too warm is no good either. It is pleasant to sit, but not good for hunting. The deer have to move. The cold weather also causes the bucks to got into rut, which means they'll be chasing the does and won't be so cautious.
I'm looking forward to getting away again for a few days, contemplate life and charge up the batteries. I'm not making much progress with Book Seven of The Xandra. Haven't even written ten thousand words yet. Maybe when I come back from hunting I'll be more anxious to write. Maybe I'll get some new ideas when I'm sitting in my stand waiting for the big buck to come by.
Till next time.

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