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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tracks in the Snow

What a change from the last couple of days! Two days ago we broke the previous record for the warmest day. It was 9 C above Zero, higher than the record in 1907, that’s over a hundred years ago. Most of the snow we received a week ago melted away. The grass was showing through patches of white. Now the temperatures dropped and last night it snowed. Everything is covered again with the white stuff. I guess it is inevitable; three more weeks and winter officially begins. Mother Nature doesn’t wait that long to bring us snow. In some years we’ve already had snow by the end of October and the snow stayed.
In a way snow is beautiful. It covers all the dirt and makes everything look nice and clean…until the winter enthusiasts make tracks in it with their snowmobiles. I have nothing against snowmobiles, except for the noise, and the damage they do to the grass if the snow isn’t deep enough.

I remember the first snowfall many years ago after we had moved into our first house. Looking out of our living room window I admired the beautiful sight of the clean snow on our front yard. I also remember how upset I was when the neighbor’s boys ran across the yard and spoiled the clean blanket of white snow with their tracks.

I still love to look at new snow and the unspoiled white blanket, but tracks in the snow don’t bother me anymore. I enjoy watching my grandchildren stomping through the snow, rolling it into a huge ball or making a snowman, heck, I even do it.

Here are a couple of pictures without tracks in the snow.

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