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Sunday, June 10, 2012

A progress report...of sorts

I finished going over the edits of 'The Xandra, Book six, Iceworld' and my Anthology 'Time Flares'. I send them back to the editors. I also did some rewriting on Bullet of Revenge. My editor found quite a bit 'wrong' with the main character. I hope she's happy with what I did with the rewrite. Hopefully, it will have improved the novel. I send it back to the editor, but she will be going over it again. This is the first time an editor did that. Usually, the editor sends the manuscript back to me with the suggestions and I fix everything. That's it. Then I send it either to my publisher or to the editor, who will forward it to the publisher for formatting and publishing. I hope it's all worth the time I spent on that novel.

Now I'm back with writing Book seven of The Xandra. Since I've been away from it for weeks now, I had to read some of what I've written so far to get my mind back into the story. I got some new ideas, so maybe being away from the story for awhile was a good thing. I'm at 31,000 words with the novel, aiming for about 90,000 words.

I received my royalties from the first quarter of the year and I was surprised how well my books sold. Perhaps there is still hope. Sometimes it is discouraging when the books don't sell after spending months, sometimes years, writing them. I know I'm a good writer. My editors always leave positive comments. The editor of 'Iceworld' wrote she can't wait to read the next novel. It's the one I'm currently writing, which means it won't be published until next year. It also means there will be months where I have nothing new coming out. I'll have to do some promoting of my older books.

Speaking of good writing and sales. I guess everyone is aware of that book 'Shades of Gray', which has sold over 10 million copies. Women grab it off the shelves. Apparently, it contains bondage and other sexual activities. One wonders what makes a book like that sell while others don't. I don't believe that book is any better than most of the stuff you buy on the internet. I haven't read it and I won't ever read it. I'm not into bondage, slavery or any of that other stuff. My erotica is quite tame and normal. Lately, I've been concentrating more on writing a good story. The erotica is only there to bring a little titillation into the story...for those reader who like that.

The secret, and every writer knows this, is promotion. And that is the most difficult part for us writers. We want to spend our time writing not promoting. A writer is truly lucky to find an agent who sells the book to one of the large print publishing houses, who will do the promoting. It's like winning the lottery. Some of us get lucky, others never hit the jackpot, no matter how good the numbers look on paper.

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