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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

About the free ebook

I am surprised. It seems nobody wants a free book. For the price of one book a reader could have two. ‘Dual Visions’, which is now available from Fictionwise, doesn’t seem to be selling at all, because it is still in the last position in sales. I don’t understand it. I think I’ve written two great stories. Cliffs of Time is in my opinion one of the best stories I’ve written. It has adventure, erotica. The story even makes you think a little. And Orion, the Hunt is also quite an adventure story. When I was still reading a lot, I would have been ecstatic to read a story like that. That is one of the reasons I started writing my own. I needed more of those stories. It seems to me, most people just want to read romance, like the Harlequin books. Formula writing, nothing new, ever. No adventure, just the same old thing. Two people hate each other, but in the end they come together and live happily ever after. Sorry, if this sounds like sour grapes (maybe it is a little), but I’m just a bit baffled.
I have an idea. Anyone reading my blog, send me an email to hegro@shaw.ca and I will send you a copy of ‘Dual Visions’ in the pdf format. Free. I will give away four to the first four people who respond. If you ask for it, I might even send you a free copy of Seeds of Chaos, Book One. The only thing I’ll ask, after reading it, send me a comment how you liked it. Maybe even post it (if it is positive, only, please), on one of the groups you belong to.
By the way, Book Two, Hell’s Gate should be available from Fictionwise sometime within the next two weeks. It is available now (still!) from http://www.midnightshowcase.com
So, come on, let’s hear from you.

Excerpt from ‘Orion, the Hunt’

Warning: Explicit sexual situation

He awoke, his defense-system ready to strike, when he sensed the presence of someone sliding into his tent. He lay quiet and carefully sent a weak searching tentacle towards the intruder’s mind. When he touched the artificial shield he smiled and relaxed, watching the slim shadow gliding up beside him.
“Don’t pretend you’re sleeping. I know you are awake,” she whispered into his ear. “I can see quite well in the dark.” Her cat’s eyes glowed softly above him.
Orion chuckled and reached for her. She was already easing out of her clothes and moments later boldly pulled down his pants. “You certainly are not shy,” he said and stroked the cat-woman’s round buttocks as she slid on top of him. Her body was covered with fine, incredibly silky fuzz. It sent waves of delicate pleasure through him from every spot where her naked skin touched his. Her warm breasts pressed into his chest, soft and warm.
She made a guttural sound deep in her throat, touched his erect penis, curled her fingers around it and eased herself onto it. “Ahh…” she moaned softly. “You are big all over. It feels good.”
He could feel the soft bushy mass of hair growing around her groin area as she moved against him and dug his fingers into her solid buttocks.


Isis McGowan said...


It takes awhile for first-time authors to build up their fan base. And sales--while expected--don't materialize right off the bat.

For a book to make a first impression, the author has to be plugging his book away long before he or she becomes published.

And it takes time.

So don't give up!

Michele said...

You know, I almost missed this.
I see tons of digests from Joyfully Reviewed - where I found your notice- and most times I don't have time to read them. Soooo, I delete.
For some reason, this digest I didn't and there was your "free ebook" notice.

Imagine my shock when I read your post about no one stopping by.

However, Isis is absolutely correct. It does take time... and marketing and perserverence and exposure.

I'm a reader of many genres of romance, even the "cookie cutters".
However, I DO like something new and different. I've been cyber-friends with an author before she was ever published and some of her works can be considered controversial to say the least. Yet it's that difference that gets me excited about reading her books.

So, keep up the positve thoughts, enthusiasm and reaching out. Someone out there is going to latch onto your style and blab about it in a big way.
You'll see.


latetocomics said...

Hi! Well, I took you up on your free offer! Thanks. I completed the "Cliffs of Time" this evening..that was a fun & adventurous read! I need to copy the pdf's to flash drive so I'm not stuck at the PC at home to read! Did you continue Derek & Melanie's story in another book?

Herbert Grosshans said...

No, I never did, but it may just make a good story. Perhaps, sometime in the future.
Thanks, Liz, for the post. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Words like that make any writer happy.