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Monday, August 27, 2007


It’s been a good week. I posted a lot, and I had quite a few visitors to my blog. More than ever before in one week. My books are doing well. Since ‘Dual Visions’ doesn’t seem to be selling, for some obscure reason, my publisher and I have decided to split the stories and release them as single volumes. Unfortunately, that means no print version available, only ebooks. So, if anyone wants to have a print version of Dual Visions, then don’t delay, order it now. It will soon be a collector’s item only. In fact, I don’t even own a printed copy myself yet. As I said before, the stories ‘The Cliffs of Time’ and ‘Orion--the Hunt’ are both great stories. They have adventure, suspense, sex. What else could anyone want? Actually, I am editing them again, because I have discovered a few minor errors. Some of them pointed out to me by a couple of people who read an excerpt. They were right, I couldn’t deny them. Well, anyway, I hope they’ll sell better on their own. (They can’t do any worse!). Keep on checking my blog, if you’re interested. They should be available in about three to four weeks, as will be my next novel ‘The Stardogs’ Book One, Return to Redsky.
If you are checking out Midnight Showcase, they are in the process of revamping the site and not all of the books are listed yet or hard to find.
Here are the links to get to Midnight Showcase and to Fiction Wise. They’ll take you straight to my books.




The free story is still available. Just send me an email at hegro@shaw.ca if you’re interested and I will send it to you. Read more below.

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