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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Seeds of Chaos, Book 2

Things are moving. Just checked Fictionwise and found Seeds of Chaos, Book 2 at number 10 position in sales, up from number 14 yesterday evening. (number 70 in the morning!). And Book 1, Eden's Gate, has moved to number 11. That is fantastic.
Here is the list of my books as they stand at Fictionwise right now. That can change anytime.
The Xandra series:
Book One --- number 62 (down from number 24 just 2 days ago)
Book Two --- number 30 (up from number 51 just 2 days ago)
Book Three --- number 42 (up from number 65)
Seeds of Chaos:
Book One --- number 11
Book Two --- number 10
Sweet Challenge digest (my story: For Love of Arilee) number 75 (down from number 2 a couple of weeks ago)
Midnight Raunch digest (my story: Orola, The Kiir) number 6 (from number 3 yesterday)
Dual Visions --- number 76 (the very last position) no change!
This book is an enigma to me. It has two excellent stories, yet, nobody seems to want to purchase it. It baffles me. I wish somebody would give me some feedback on this phenomena. All my other books are selling. I gave away some copies for free (see below), and I did get a positive review on it from Liz (see comments). Somebody, please, help me out here!!!

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