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Thursday, February 03, 2011


I have to admit when it comes to Facebook I am 'Facebook-challenged'. I wrote
some comments on my 'Wall', (I do know a couple of 'slang words'). I questioned
on that 'Wall', if anybody actually sees what I wrote? Most of the stuff on my
FB site is from a guy by the name of Miachael Todd Shields. He's got 4,800
friends. I don't even know who the guy is. Why did I become friends with him?
Most of the stuff he writes is gibberish to me. Is that some kind of new
language I don't understand? Why does his stuff appear on my site? How can I get
others to see what I wrote? As you see, I am totally lost when it comes to FB
(When I saw the letters FB for the first time I though it meant FBI, with the
'I' missing.)
I get constantly emails from people who want to make me rich. They tell me to use the 'Social networks', like Facebook, Twitter and all the others I don't even know about. Even my blog could be used. My question always is the same: How do people find me? Sure, I know about search engines and stuff like that. I belong to a number of yahoo groups where other authors post news about their books, hoping readers will see them and hopefully buy their books. I'm not even sure if readers belong to these groups, because there is always a ton of promos and excerpts from other writers and I'm wondering do readers actually see my posts and promos among all those ads. There are millions of people using the internet and there have to be millions of readers and potential buyers out there. How can you get those people to visit your blot or website without paying out a lot of money for advertising. I even question the ads from commercial advertising companies I see on the sites. Do they bring in more buyers than my own ads? I doubt it.
Lately I've spent way too much time cruising the internet for ways to advertise my books and have not discovered a satisfying way to do so.
I'd like to spend my time writing and not waste it visiting all these websites to see the same stuff over and over: ads from other hopeful authors. And many of the yahoo sites advertise nothing but personal ads from people who want to have threesomes and who-knows-what. But I guess that's the age of the internet and if I look long enough I may even find what I'm looking for. It's like looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I can only hope not too many have found the pot before me and if they did they've left a few coins for me.

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