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Friday, February 25, 2011

Pirates and other criminals

Yahspirit1 left a comment regarding my last post, quoting Proverb13:8. This is what the proverb says: The ransom of a man's life are his riches: but the poor heareth not rebuke.

Like all other proverbs the meaning of this one can be interpreted in many ways. I read some of these interpretations. According to these ‘wise men’ money is the root of all evil, and it is better to be poor than rich, because you have nothing anybody else wants. You have no worries (except for all the worries being poor throws at you!).
Of course, the pirates don’t live by this principal. They want what a rich man (or woman) has and they take it by force.
Like I said before being poor is no excuse for committing a crime.
In a free, democratic country with laws to protect its citizens anyone who has ambition and is willing to work does not have to be poor. Of course, there are always those lazy ones who want to take a shortcut and, instead of working and saving, they take from the ones who do. As yahspirit1 said there has to be evil as well as good in the world. That’s fine, but good builds and evil destroys, and the evil ones have to be punished. Crime and punishment go hand in hand.
Instead of praying and waiting for some higher power to change things we have to realize if we don’t act it won’t happen. God helps those who help themselves.
Oh well, now I’m beginning to do exactly what I hate…preaching and quoting. I’m not a religious fanatic. I’m barely religious but I believe there are basic universal laws we Humans must follow, and one of those laws is to respect other people’s life and possessions. If you want something you have to earn it, not take it from others. If you violate this law you will suffer the consequences. It can’t get any more basic than that.
Thank you, yahspirit1, for leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

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