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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Somali Pirates, Murder and Justice.

I don’t always write about my books. Sometimes I need to write about other stuff, things that bug and upset me. This time it is the murder of those four people who sailed around the world, trying to enjoy life and experiencing the adventure of a lifetime. They meant no harm to anyone. The dream ended when Somali pirates captured their boat and kidnapped them. When a rescue team tried to free them, all four people had been wounded by the pirates to such an extend they died from their injuries. I wasn’t there so I don’t know any details, only what the media reports, but according to some sources it was a botched rescue attempt. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. There is one fact: four innocent, good people were kidnapped by Somali pirates. Had it not been for that they would still be alive. The pirates were taken prisoner and will stand trial in the US for kidnapping, murder, and whatever.
I hope they will all be found guilty and sentenced to death. I have no mercy or pity with criminals. Unfortunately, with all the bleeding hearts out there, they’ll find a lawyer, who doesn’t really care about justice, only about becoming famous and filling his pocketbook. Those poor Somalis…they have no choice but to rob and kill people. After all, they are living in poor conditions, no money for food, shelter and all the good things. Being poor is no excuse for committing crimes, be it in Somalia or in any other country. They do have money for arms, ammunition, and ships, though. My suggestion: get an honest job and spend your energy to change things in your country.
It’s a good thing these murderers weren’t brought to Canada. They would have been eligible to apply for refugee status, and our immigration people would have allowed them to stay here, given them money and shelter and get them established so they can maybe start up a gang and rob people here. Possibly bring all their relatives later on.
One thing I can’t understand: Why doesn’t the rest of the world get together and blow these pirate ships out of the water and get rid of them for good? We know who and where they are. I guess there is no money in it…no oil interests to protect for one thing. They do buy weapons and ammunition. Somebody is making money somewhere.
In my novel, ‘Lizard World’, the first book ‘Epsilon’ which will be published in July of this year, the main character Terrex Stonewall is put in a position where he has to deal with a criminal gang. Backed by Military Law he deals with it swiftly and efficiently by condemning them to death and immediate execution.
Sometimes we writers are asked: how much of yourself do you put into your characters? My answer to that is: Sometimes my characters are nothing at all what I am. They may say and do things I would never condone in real life, but sometimes I do put my feelings and thoughts into my characters. The way my character Terrex Stonewall deals with the situation is the way I would have dealt with it…had I been in his shoes.
I was raised in the Christian Faith and taught to forgive, not to be the aggressor. That is a noble principle…in dreams. We live in a brutal world; it is filled with all kinds of criminals, with thieves, murderers, and religious zealots who blow themselves up for idiotic reasons like promised sex in the afterlife, murdering innocent people in the process. It is filled with people who want to do you harm, who break into your home, hold you hostage, try to steal your money directly or indirectly. Drugdealers…Slavers…I could go on. You can only be forgiving for so long until you have to say: enough is enough. It is time to remove some of these people.
Ahh…I’ve ranted enough. Back to some serious writing. I’ve written 44,000 words so far in Book Six in the Xandra series. No title yet.

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yahspirit1 said...

i think you are on target with how you feel, but who are we to judge anything. You can rest assure that some big time corporate person or rich person up high is behind these pirates getting these guns and things. i don't condone the pirates for what they have done, it is wrong! but you have to look further than what you hear and see. There is so much deception, that you can't trust no one so the most important thing we can do is pray and try to understand that there has to be evil as well as good! look at proverbs 13:8 than you will really understand why things happen! peace alwayd