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Wednesday, June 29, 2011


We went to see the musical Cats last night at the Rainbow Stage in Winnipeg. What a wonderful show. Music by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It was so relaxing to watch the show and listen to the wonderful music. It’s sure different from the stuff they play on the radio these days or what you see and hear at the New Year’s celebrations they broadcast on TV on New Year’s Eve. We don’t watch that anymore because of the noisy ‘music’. In fact most shows these days play that kind of stuff. Whatever happened to real music? Even country isn’t the same anymore. We’ve got tickets already for Andre Rieu who is coming to Winnipeg in September with his Vienna Orchestra. I can’t wait to see that show.
Like I said, Cats was wonderful. The costumes, the dancing, the beautiful voices of the singers, and the acrobatic performance of some of the dancers provided the audience with an evening of great entertainment. The actors are so talented and put their all into their performance. I wish I were in such good shape. I also wish the people in the audience were as slim as the performers. We had one big woman sitting in front of us, blocking the view, and a few rows down, right in front of me, sat a mountain of… (dare I say it or is it political incorrect? Ah, what the hell, who cares…)…a mountain of blubber. I may sound prejudiced, but big people like that should sit in a different section, not in front of regular sized people. It sort of spoiled it for me a little not to be able to see the whole stage. And we had good seats…or so it seemed at first.
All in all, we had a wonderful time and the evening was over much too soon. I wish they’d bring more plays like that, and, most importantly, at a reasonable price. Some of the shows at the Concert Hall or in the MTS Center are much too expensive and not everyone can afford to go and see them. It’s a shame.

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