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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Reading and Writing dilemma

I should be writing, but I'm so caught up with reading right now I just can't seem to tear myself away. Many years ago I read a Science Fiction trilogy by Timothy Zahn: The Cobra Trilogy. It is about super soldiers called 'Cobras'. I just loved those books, and all these years I've been looking for more in that series. Those stories are Space Opera at its finest. Imagine my delight when I discovered 2 new books in that series: Cobra Alliance and Cobra Guardian. I just finished reading Cobra Guardian and I can't wait for the next book 'Cobra Gamble' to be released this month still. I've read other books by Timothy Zahn: The Blackcollar, and Blackcollar: The Backlash Mission. Also great books featuring super soldiers. I don't remember too much about them anymore. Perhaps some day I'll read them again. Actually, I just ordered Blackcollar: The Judas Solution. from a bookseller on the Internet. Should have the book in my hands in about 2 weeks. Will I ever get any writing done this way? Timothy Zahn has also written quite a few books in the Starwars universe, but I never read any of those. A book I read by him a few years ago was Angelmass, also a very good book. It is actually nice to read something by another author for a change. Something that excites me and takes me away into other realms besides my own books. Recharge the batteries so to speak. My book 'Mark of the Cobra', scheduled to be released this month, has nothing to do with Timothy Zahn's Cobras. My book is not Science Fiction but a contemporary Thriller with a dash of Erotica, a large dash of Erotica. I wrote it a few years ago. I don't write such explicit stuff anymore, but I wanted the book published. Hopefully, my readers will like it.

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Magnetic Island Artist Edward Blum. said...

I will take time and read one of your books. Very interesting.