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Sunday, January 01, 2012


Happy New Year. Now we have to put 2012 on all our correspondence. What happened to 2011? I can't believe another year has past. Looking back, I have to say it was a productive one for me. There were some changes. My publisher quit and I had to find another publisher, which was not as difficult as I feared when I got the news about Midnight Showcase closing its doors. My new publisher Melange Books, LLC actually took over from Midnight Showcase and all of my books were re-released, which was fine. I even got some new covers on some of my books. The book covers for my Xandra series turned out real nice. This was important, because this year I'll have 3 more books published in the series, the first one 'Lure of Seduction' coming out in February. I'm in the process of writing Book Seven. 2011 saw the publication of Book Two of 'Stars in Chains', the trilogy Web of Conspiracy, my contemporary novel, and my Science Fiction trilogy 'Lizard World'. All in all it was a good year. For 2012 I will have 'Mark of the Cobra', this month, the 3 books in the Xandra series, and my non-erotic action/thriller 'Bullet of Revenge', to be published in June. That one is the longest novel to be published in one book, 102,000 plus words. If is sells well I may write a sequel. Perhaps even more than one. It all depends. However, that won't happen until I've finished Book Seven of the Xandra series. I bought a Sony eReader for my wife and finally managed to get my router hooked up to my Computer to get WiFi. Whoever said it was easy lied. When you buy a product they always expect that you know everything. Well...I don't. I couldn't get my laptop to connect to WiFi, because I needed to authorize Windows to make the connection. How would I know that? I found that out when my laptop sent me the message that I needed to do so, but never told my how. I finally managed to figure it out by going to the Help section. It still wouldn't work because when I created my password for the router I did it in Capital Letters (That was also the reason I couldn't get to the internet with the Reader!) Another beef I have with all this is the fact that my laptop never asked for a password, instead I was supposed to put in a 'Keyword'. What the hell is a 'Keyword'? I wish they would keep the language easy. Maybe I should get a new brain to understand all this. But, even with my limited knowledge and fumbling around in the dark I did get everything running and now I have WiFi. The only problem, now that I'm on the internet with my laptop I need to install a good updated Virus program. The one I have on there is old and not updated. Actually it is the Norton virus program. The same one I used to have on my main computer. The same one that became corrupted and allowed a bunch of viruses to invade my computer and almost caused it to crash. It cost me a bundle of money to get it fixed. That's when I installed Trend Micro. I've had it for a few years now and and I'm happy with it. Anyway, have a Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true but not your nightmares.

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