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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Prime Suspect

Why are they cancelling TV shows I like? We just started watching Prime Suspect. I've been recording every episode from the beginning, but we always watched other shows. However with all the repeats right now we decided to give Prime Suspect a try, and we liked it. It is just another cops and robbers show, but it is a little different, a bit of humor, not too stupid. Now they decided to cancel it! Why??? My wife has this theory that it seems they are cancelling shows where women are portrayed as a bit more aggressive, like in this show. She might have something there. Another show we liked last season, Chicago Code, was cancelled. It was one of the better shows in my opinion compared to some of the garbage that never seems to go away anymore. There was a woman police chief. Is it because these shows don't get enough viewers? Or are some people complaining about them? I don't know how they determine how many people are actually watching the show. I don't write in to the networks and tell them what I'm watching. I guess somebody does surveys, but they are never correct or conclusive. I'm reminded of the original Star Trek. After the show was cancelled it was discovered that it had a huge following, but in the meantime the producers had taken down all the props, the performers had taken other jobs, and it was too late to keep it going. Sure, later on we had the New Star Treks and other spinoffs like Deep Space Nine, but in the meantime we lost all those years were we could have enjoyed Leonard Nemoy as Mister Spock, William Shatner as Captain Kirk, and all the other characters we came to love. We are also watching Grim and we like that one. It is also a cop show, but with a difference. There are all kinds of 'monsters' popping up, like werewolves, werepigs, and other creatures from folk legends. An interesting show. I just read it was given the green light for the whole 22 episodes. I wish they'd bring a few good Science Fiction shows comparable to Star Trek. I miss those. V never came back. The Event was cancelled. They were good shows. I'm hoping to see Falling Skies again. It ended last season with a cliffhanger. On other news: I finished doing the final edits on The Xandra, Book Four, Lure of Seduction, to be published in February. I still haven't seen the cover for 'Mark of the Cobra,' which is supposed to be published in January. Not much progress in The Xandra, Book Seven, which I'm currently working on. Too much to do around Christmas time. Things should slow down after New Years. My wife got a Sony Reader for Christmas. I still don't have my WiFi hooked up to my computer. I've installed the router and it all seemed to have installed, but apparently neither the Sony Reader nor my Laptop detects a WiFi signal. Something isn't right. So I've downloaded books onto my computer and then transferred them to the Reader. Even that gave my trouble. The Reader updated itself and installed a new software, now the Sony file on my computer does not seem to synchronize with the Reader. I'm constantly getting the message 'The Reader encountered a problem and needs to shut down...blah...blah...blah... I think I'm getting too old for these new gadgets. Can't keep up anymore. I still haven't found a use for all those options on our cellphone. All I really want to do is make a call. I don't need to take pictures or upload music. For that I have a camera or an mp3 player. When I want to know what time it is I look at my watch. Much faster and I don't have to constantly recharge the battery. Progress if fine but sometimes it doesn't make much sense. Who needs to be in touch with everyone all the time? Do we need to report everything we do every moment of the day to our friends or the world? People don't seem to have time anymore to relax or just think about things. Especially the young kids. Why would anyone be on the phone when crossing the street or walking through a door? Or while driving? Even with the high fines and all the accidents people just don't seem to learn or get the message. Maybe somebody should send them a email or a text-message. I'm trying to make use of today's gadgets, like the computer for instance. Without it I would never have been able to write as much as I do or even get my writings published. Having an email account is great. Saves a lot of postage and I can send messages out instantly and receive answers back. But there are drawbacks. The spam mail is definitely annoying. The internet is wonderful for a lot of things, but also a terrible time-waster. I try to limit my time on it. My wife likes her new Reader. She can carry a whole library in her handbag. It is good to have a cellphone in case of an emergency, but to chatter all day long is not for me. There are more important things to be done. I find it annoying and almost insulting when I'm having a conversation with someone and they answer their cell phone during our conversation, leaving me standing talking to the air. If they would at least say ,"Excuse me, I need to answer this call. It could be the President calling me. He needs my services." I could understand that, because that would be more important than our conversation, but that never happens. I guess, we have to find a way to manage our time wisely and not to give in to all these temptations the new gadgets throw at us. Unfortunately, some of us are too weak to resist...like me writing this long entry into my blog. I hope I didn't lose any of my visitors because they needed to answer their cellphone. That would really annoy me.

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Don said...

Very well written Herb and I agree.