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Friday, April 13, 2012

Death of a Hero

In the fast moving world of e-publishing books come and go. With new releases every month older books drop away from the awareness of readers and sometimes a good book disappears in the cracks. My contemporary thriller 'Web of Conspiracy', published in 3 volumes because of its length (180,000+ words) is one such book. I don't think it received the attention it deserved. It took me two years to write the novel and hours upon of hours doing research. The novel is about war, soldiers, a murder-mystery, an adventure story, a thriller, with a little bit of romance and erotica thrown in for good measure. I learned a lot about Iraq and other places while writing the book and I enjoyed writing it. It would be a shame if the novel slipped into oblivion without being noticed by more than just a few readers.

So I'm offering a few pdf copies for free to anyone who sends me an email to hegro@shaw.ca and tells me he/she read about it on my blog.

Please, go to my website Herbert's World and read another excerpt.

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