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Sunday, April 01, 2012

Free copy of Lure of Seduction

Thank you for visiting. It won't be long now until Book 5 of my Xandra series, Escape from Paradise, gets published. Lure of Seduction is part one of Rob Cameron's story and should be read before Escape. Book 6, Iceworld,  is scheduled to be published by Melange in May. The story takes place on the fifth planet of that star system and it explains the fate of the researchers mentioned in the first book, Daughter of the Dark. The story will continue with Book seven, which I am currently writing. There will be a few surprises in Book seven. No title yet.
The Xandra series is highly erotic, but also an exciting Space Opera/Fantasy. My first three books were bestsellers at FictionWise. Unfortunately, our books aren't sold anymore at FictionWise since my new publisher Melange Books took over Midnight Showcase, my fist publisher. FictionWise was always a good indicator how my books were selling. Now I don't know anymore.
If you would like a free pdf copy of Book 4, Lure of Seduction, please send me an email at hegro@shaw.ca and ask for it. I would be happy to send  you one. Please, come and visit again. Also check out my website Herbert's World to read a few excerpt of my other books.

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