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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Xandra, Book Five, Escape from Paradise

 The book has been released by Melange Books today. I don’t have the pdf copy yet. To read more about the book click on ‘New Releases’ at the top under the picture. Before reading this one, you should read Book Four,Lure of Seduction, first, because Book Five is a direct continuation of the story. It was too long to be published as one book. Book Six was scheduled to be released in May, but when I checked the upcoming releases at the Melange Books’ site, I saw that ‘Bullet of Revenge’ will be my next published book, which is fine. Bullet of Revenge is a contemporary thriller. It contains no explicit erotica. I hope my readers won’t mind. I’m hoping to attract a different category of readers with that novel.

I’m at over 20,000 words now with Book Seven in the Xandra series. I can’t believe I’ve written so many books in one series. There may even be more coming, depends on the interest of readers and how I feel. The series has potential. The more I write in the World of the Xandra, the more complex it becomes and the more possibilities for additional books arise. 

The Xandra, Daughter of the Dark, was my first novel to be published in 2005 by Midnight Showcase. I never foresaw then that it may become a series. After that followed Book two, Mother of Light, and then Book three, Goddess of Light. The way the series is developing, Book 4 - 7 should have come after the first book, and Book 2 and 3 should be last in the series. Should I write more books in the Xandra World, I may write still some in the time before Mother of Light, but I probably will write a few after the events in Mother of Light and Goddess of Life. I can't say now. There are vague ideas floating around in my head, but I also want to write in other genres and about other worlds. For instance the trilogy 'Lizard World' intrigues me very much. There could be more books in that universe I created, but it would be under the overall title 'The Spider Wars'. Anyway, that's what I had planned.

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