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Friday, April 13, 2012

Escape from Paradise

Book 5 in my The Xandra series is scheduled to be published April 29. So, please, come back and find out more about it.

I'm busy with writing Book 7. No title yet, but I usually never know the title until I'm finished with the book. I'm at around 13,000 words right now. It is going slow. I've been busy with other stuff and somehow I always seem to find something else to do, but now I'm getting anxious to write the story. I already have the general gist of the story in my head and when I write I am excited to get into it.

I have to stop spending so much time on the internet, reading other blogs and group posts. It is amazing how much time one can actually waste on doing that. I get a lot of e-mails with the note: 'send from my i-phone'. I don't have an i-phone and I don't believe I ever will have one. It seems to be a gadget that can really take time out of your schedule. My simple cell phone is good enough for me. I need it only to make calls. If I want to take pictures I will use a camera. If I want to go on the internet or send e-mails I will use my computer or laptop. If I want to watch a movie I will watch it on my big-screen TV and enjoy my surround sound. I just don't see the point in watching movies on a tiny phone screen.

Progress is fine and dandy, but not everything is useful or even desirable. People get so caught up in new gadgets and believe they need to have them just to keep up. That is not necessarily the case.

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