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Friday, January 08, 2010

About Orion, Symbiont of Passion

Hello visitors. Thanks for stopping by. Symbiont of Passion is the second novel about Agent Orion. The first one was 'Orion, the Hunt'. In 'Symbiont of Passion' Orion is sent to Bakker’s Planet to solve the enigma of the 'Mongo', a creature that lives in symbioses with the native population. Orion is more than human. He is a carrier of the 'Ancient Memory' which makes his mind immortal. On Bakker's Planet he meets beautiful Azalee, an artificial construct who has much in common with Orion. His journey takes him deep inside the mountains, away from the snow-covered exterior of the planet, where he takes part in the fertility ritual of the natives and where he experiences the power of the Mongo. After taken prisoner by ruthless slave traders, he escapes and brings the people responsible for almost creating a war between two planets to justice.
Symbiont of Passion is an erotic Science Fiction novel, so be warned.
It is available from MSFiction.
Please, feel free to visit my website Herbert's World to read some excerpts and check out my other books.

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