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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Avatar, the movie, and other stuff

We went to see the movie Avatar. Wow, what a movie! It blew me away. I've actually never seen a 3D movie before. Not everyone liked the movie, though. Some reviewers say that the plot is thin and predictable. They don't get it. It wasn't about the plot, it was about the visual display and the visuals were just stunning, to say the least. The aliens were fantastic, beautiful and exotic, and the planet itself with its flora and fauna breathtaking. I know I'm using a lot of superlatives here, but that is the way I feel about the movie. It was a wonderful experience. Anyone who loves Fantasy and Science Fiction should go and see it. Go to enjoy the experience and don't try to tear apart one of the most spectacular movies ever made. Nothing is ever perfect and one can find faults in everything. I never go to a movie or read a book with the thought in the back of my mind that I want to find things that are wrong. I go with the intention to enjoy and I overlook inconsistencies and scientific impossibilities. Some people will tear apart anything and they miss out on a lot of wonderful experiences.
I’m not very critical. Usually I sit back, relax and enjoy, but there are not many movies that I want to see these days. Most of the comedies are stupid and not funny. I’ve never cared for slasher-movies. The action movies are so overdone that only kids believe them, but they are too young to watch them. The stuff on TV isn’t much better.
I was disappointed in the last Star Trek movie. They made Kirk such a bumbling idiot. The scene where Doc is chasing him with the needle was absolutely idiotic. Spock meeting him in the cave on an alien planet...unbelievable, even for me. The sense of wonder wasn’t there.
Even ‘Terminator Salvation’ left me disappointed. It wasn’t bad, but I liked the series much better. Maybe I just missed Arnold. His character made the movie.
We watched ‘The Eraser’ the other day again for lack of anything descent on TV. Still loved it. Sure, it is overdone, but there weren’t any never-ending car-chases, or stupid jokes while the hero is fighting for his life, no super smart women who beat up men and make them look like idiots. The only cute line was the scene where Arnold’s character shoots the alligator and says, “You’re luggage.” I thought that was funny. But that’s just me.
Speaking of TV. So what do I watch? I like ‘2 1/2 men’, The Big Bang Theory (Yes, I like that one. It is silly, I know but I find it funny. Go figure). Modern Family is funny. I also watch Flashpoint, NCIS: Los Angeles, The Mentalist, The Good Wife, Criminal Minds, CSI: NY, Medium (Love that show). We also watch Survivor and The Amazing Race. Once in a while, we watch ‘Numbers’ and ‘Cold Case’.
We used to watch all the CSI shows, Ghostwhisperer, and Heroes but got tired of those. There are only so many hours I want to spend watching TV. In the summer, we hardly watch TV, except for the News. We watch that every day.
I’m waiting for Lost. I hope they bring back the last 3 hours from last year because I missed them.

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