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Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Mystery of Numbers

No, that is not the title of my new book. It's about mysterious things, in this case numbers.
I walk into the bedroom and the clock on the night table shows 3:33. I wake up at night and look at the clock...3:33. Yesterday when I finished writing on my novel 'Epsilon' for the day and before I closed down I checked the word count. Guess what? 133,333 words. I'm not making this up, it happened.
Before this I used to see 12:12 when I walked into the bedroom. I woke up to 2:22 or 4:44 or 5:55. When I got up in the morning it was 7:11. Not once but many times. Was I supposed to go to the 7-11 store?
What do these numbers mean? I don't know. Strange? You tell me.
To come back to my novel I'm currently writing. Yes, that's right, I'm at 133,333 words right now. Still not finished with it. I probably will have written 150,000 words before I'm done. I can see the end already. It's still a bit foggy but coming into focus. New ideas keep popping up. Who knows I just might have to write a sequel to this one. But before I do that I want to finish Book Four in the Xandra series.
My books haven't been selling too well lately, mainly because I've neglected posting excerpts on the groups and also because I haven't had anything new published, except for 'Orion, Symbiont of Passion'. That's one thing with e-publishing. Things are moving fast, there are new novels and novellas coming out every day and the readers are choosy. My problem is I can't seem to write short books any more. When I began writing 'Epsilon' I never planned to write such a long novel. Now I have to make two books out of it because it is too long for one book. It would be different if it were a novel to be published in print. I haven't done anything with my contemporary novel 'Tainted Valor'. It is 180,000 words long and almost too long for even two volumes. Where to stop the first part and start the second part? The whole novel is connected, just like 'Epsilon'. It would almost be necessary to publish both parts at once. Would readers go for that? I don't know.
I'm still looking for a publisher for 'Tainted Valor', a print publisher that is. I've sent inquiries to four agents but they were not interest. My last inquiry was to John Grisham's agent. I got back a nice letter, wishing me good luck. Perhaps I'm reaching too high. I'll probably end up having it published as an e-book. I was hoping for more. (Sigh).
My book 'King Cobra' which was published by A1AdultEbook isn't doing well. It got a good review but I have a feeling it wasn't erotic enough, even though it had nothing but erotica in it. That was the reason I sent it there in the first place. I've checked out their other books and their best sellers all seem to deal with women being enslaved and used as erotic objects, torture, and other stuff I don't write. The other thing about A1AdultEbooks is the fact that you have to be a member to buy there. I think many readers don't like that. My book doesn't get the exposure I was hoping for on that site. Perhaps I should advertise it more.
I like MSFiction, my main publisher, because they, in addition to selling my books on their site, they also make them available on FictionWise and other sites, which gives my books exposure to more people. And when I have something new published my other books also keep on selling. And if you want the book in print you can buy it through Lulu.
I still don't know when my two volume novel 'Stars in Chains' will be published. Probably not until next year.

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