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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Folklorama 2010

We went to the Cuban Pavilion on Saturday. It was the last night for Week one. Great show. We really enjoyed it. Hard to believe the performers were all volunteers. We went to the 8:15 show. There was no trouble or long lineup to get in. The location was good with lots of room. We had supper (Roast Pork with rice and black beans and salad and Roasted Chicken with rice and black beans and salad) One plate cost $9.00. The beer was $4.00. Getting into the pavilion cost $ 6.00 per person.
Some people really have nerve. They think if they come late they can still sit in the front. One group of people plunked themselves right in front of the table next to us, blocking their view. Another group of women got chairs from the back and moved to the front. I find that rude. We were early and we got a table close enough to the stage.
Well, they are everywhere, the people who have no regard for others. As long as they are okay.

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