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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Icelandic Festival in Gimly, Manitoba

On Sunday we went to the Icelandic Festival in Gimly, a quaint little town on the west coast of Lake Winnipeg, population around 1600. We’ve wanted to go for years and we finally did it.
Everything pretty much happens by the waterfront. We parked close to the Viking village, right on the lake. People are dressed up as Vikings, they have their tents set up the way the Vikings used to live, and they even slept in those tents during the festival. It was quite interesting. I donned a chain mail outfit and changed into a fearsome Viking Warrior with sword and shield for a few minutes. That shirt made from metal rings was damn heavy. It is no easy feat to get out of it again. Lucky I’m still so agile. You have to use the force of gravity to let it slip off your body.
They have tables set up on Centre Street where merchants sell their stuff.
We had lunch at the Country Boy Restaurant right on First Street. 2 Pickerel fillets with fries and a great salad for $10.95. Generous portion and well worth the money.
There were quite a few people at the Festival. The weather was hot. We almost didn’t go because it rained in the morning and the forecast called for rain. Good thing we weren’t intimidated by the weather people. As usual, they were wrong.
In the afternoon we watched a fighting demonstration by the Viking warriors. Pretty awesome. I’m happy I didn’t live in those days. Men going at each other with swords, hammers, knifes, Axes…No thank you. I’d rather write about those days.

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