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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Morden Corn and Apple Festival

Last weekend we went to Morden, a town of about 7,000 people south of Winnipeg, to see what this Corn and Apple Festival is all about. This was the first time we went there. (I know it's a shame. After living in Manitoba forever!)It took us nearly two hours to get there. Once we got there it rained but we didn't give up and waited it out in the car. We were lucky to find a parking spot really close. Next year we'll go earlier because we didn't get there until 3:00 on Sunday and they finish up by 5:00, not much time to see anything.
We stood in line for about 15 minutes to get our free corn on the cob. Wow! was it ever soft and sweet. We bought one dozen of the same corn to take home and we weren't sorry. We paid $5:50 for one dozen and it was worth it. The cobs are large and the corn sweet. DELICIOUS. We'll have some tonight again.
I don't have the figures but apparently about 80,000 people go to the festival every year. It lasts 3 days. They have stalls set up where one can buy the usual stuff available on these fairs.
On book news not too much. I'm still busy with writing Book IV in the Xandra series. I'm at 78,000 words and I sort of see an end in sight. That's the problem sometimes, at first I'm looking for ideas and once I get started the ideas come and the book becomes too long. When I started Book IV it was supposed to be only about the fifth planet in the system, but then I had so much stuff in my head that this is only about the Nu-Eden, the fourth planet. The story will continue in Book V, but Book IV will have a definite end to it, sort of.
MS Fiction wants to re-issue the first three books in the Xandra series, which is great since I'm writing two more books in the series. There will be new covers and a new edit. I spent quite some time these last few days looking on the internet looking for stock photographs for cover ideas. MS Fiction has a form to fill out where we authors have to write a blurb and what kind of ideas we have for the cover. It makes it easier for the Art Director and at the same time we have an input into what we wish to see.
The first book of my novel 'Stars in Chains' is supposed to be published in September but I haven't heard from my editor where we stand with the book right now. It may not happen in September, we'll see.

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