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Monday, January 10, 2011

A few words of Wisdom

Here are some truths I posted on my blog January 1st, 2007. I thought it would be a good idea to post them again. Most of them are probably not new and someone else may have said them in different words, but they might give somebody something to ponder.

Small words of wisdom:
By Herbert Grosshans

To be timid is to lose.
Success does not come to the one who never tries.
Speak and be heard, stay silent and be ignored.
Only a fool swims against the stream.
To reach the end one must begin.
To give up is the way of the coward.
Acting the fool makes you one.
Love comes to the one who gives it...so does Hate.
An evil act does not spawn a good act.
Even a tiny spark can produce a large flame.
To deny the truth is to lie.
Even the tallest tree was once a tiny seed.
To give in does not show weakness...to be stubborn does.
To try does not guarantee success, but not to try guarantees failure.
To give is to receive.
Lie and you shall be lied to.
A cheater is a liar.
To be trusted one must show his face, to hide behind a mask invites mistrust.
To forgive does not mean one is forgiven.
An avalanche begins with a tiny snowflake.
One cannot be a teacher without being a student.
Don't shout into a canyon if you don't want to hear the echo.

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