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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Happy New Year

I wish everyone who visits me a great and wonderful 2011. It feels almost surreal to write the number 2011. Where has the time gone? I ask myself the same question every time I face a new birthday. Another year older.
Looking back at the year 2010 I accomplished a few things. I didn't have much published but I was writing. I finished and sent to Melange Books my latest novel in the Xandra series which will be published as two books because of its length (120.000 words). Book Four: Lure of Seduction, and Book Five: Escape from Paradise. It's been accepted by I don't know the publishing date. Presently I am working on Book six.
If you've been visiting my blog in the past you will notice a change. A new header, it is part of Book Three of 'The Xandra'. Since my publisher MSFiction closed its doors as of today, I had to find a new publisher. My new Publisher 'Melange Books, LLC' has reissued my already published books with a few changes, some got new covers. I'm hoping that a few of the others are still getting new covers.
All my links should be working now. I was busy today changing the pictures and links. It is a lot of work.
As for new releases: My contemporary novel 'Web of Conspiracy' will be published as 3 volumes. It is 180,000 words long. Book One is scheduled for July, Book Two for September and Book Three for October 2011. It is a murder mystery with the war in the Middle East as the background.
I've also submitted my novel 'Lizard World'. It will be published in 3 volumes, but I don't know when. The covers have already been designed. You can find them by scrolling down. My novel 'Outpost Epsilon' was the first volume in the series and 'Lizard World' takes place 15 years after the events in Outpost Epsilon.
Also submitted another contemporary novel 'Mark of the Cobra'. It was supposed to have been published a couple of years ago, but I pulled it and made some changes.
Book Four and Five in the Xandra series is the last submission of mine. I don't know when they will be published.
As you can see, I've been busy writing during 2010.
Currently, I am working on Book Six of The Xandra and then, possibly, Book Seven. It all depends on my creative juices, but I think I have enough material already in my head for two books. 100,000 words is pretty much the longest a novel should be for e-publishing and that is actually already too long. My novels usually end up being longer than that. Once I start writing and get into the story, I can't stop after 50.000 words.
Thank you for reading this far. I will give away a limited number of pdf copies of one of my novels. If you are interested, send me an email at hegro@shaw.ca and ask for one. Any one, except for Stars in Chains, Book Two, Liberator.

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