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Thursday, January 13, 2011

My books at All Romance and other news

They sure don't keep the featured books for long. Mine are already taken off the display, but you can still find my books by searching for my name at the site.
This internet publishing is a fast moving medium. New books come out every day. It's a paradise for readers but hell for authors. Unless a book makes a big splash right from the beginning it is forgotten in a short time. The only things that helps is to keep on writing and publishing. I'm aiming to do that. Right now I'm not making much progress with Book Six in the Xandra series. I write a few lines every day (well...almost every day.There is always something else that needs to be done). The story is not flowing as I had hoped. Maybe it's the weather. The sun isn't showing its face. Actually, we are quite lucky here in the Winnipeg area. Not too much snow and not that cold either. Other parts of Canada and the USA are not so lucky. I don't even want to mention Australia. They are certainly getting their share of bad weather with the flooding of such a huge area. We'll get our flooding again in the Spring. BC had a dumping of snow according to my friend Don who is there right now. But it will melt again in a few days with the warmer weather and rain forecast. I'm not sure if I like that kind of weather.
Even though we don't have much snow, we do get a little bit coming down, just enough to make the streets slippery. Every day we hear the news about cars sliding off the road into the ditch or worse, getting into accidents, some of them fatal. I'm not surprised. The way some people drive it is no wonder they end up that way. Driving too fast is the main reason for these accidents. Unfortunately, these reckless drivers involve other drivers, even the cautious ones, in their mishaps. There is this idea about installing snow tires on your vehicle for safer driving being pushed right now. I think it is just another ruse to sell tires. I'm not saying snow tires don't help. Sure, they help...in deep snow. The only way to drive safe is to slow down. Drivers in trucks and cars with four wheel drive believe they are safe. How wrong they are. They need just as long to brake than cars without four wheel drive.
Well, enough ranting. Everyone reading this stay safe and come back again.

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