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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Xandra, Book Six

I finished the last chapter of Book Six in my Xandra series today. I even came up with a title. Iceworld. The book is 67,000 words long. But now comes the job of reading it from the beginning and editing it.
Book Seven is already in my head but it will have to wait a bit before I start with it. There are a few domestic things to be done first. Tomorrow I will cut some twigs from the Pussy willows. They are in full bloom right now. Just ready for Easter. And then I have to filter and bottle two carboys (46 liters) of wine. The wine (one red and one white) has been aging for a few months now.
We went to the movies today and watched True Grit. We were a bit disappointed. The movie was slow, too much talking. Had trouble understanding the actors. They did not pronounce their words clearly. I find that a lot these days. People mumbling their words, in the movies, on TV and in real live. Even the music these days is hard to listen too. No outstanding melodies, and most of the time I can't understand the words. It can't be my hearing or can it be?
I have no trouble understanding the old songs or the actors in the old movies.

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