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Friday, April 08, 2011

The first ducks

I saw a small flock of ducks yesterday. Also a large flock of blackbirds a few days ago. It must be Spring. The water in the Red River is rising rapidly and a few houses north of Selkirk are already under water. There is more to come as the snow melts and when the water comes down the Red River from the US.
My article published at AllVoices about the burning of the Qur'an and its consequences in Afghanistan attracted only 31 readers so far. I guess people don't care that much any more about these things. Every day we hear upsetting stuff on the news. We get hardened to it. The price of gas jumped ten cents over night. I filled up the gas tank of our car yesterday and it cost me $3.50 more than it would have cost me had I filled it one day earlier. That probably upsets people more than the murder of a few people in the Middle East by a bunch of fanatical religious nuts. Go figure.
I'm coming to the end of Book Six in the Xandra series. So far I've written about 64,000 words and I'm quite happy with the story.

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