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Saturday, April 30, 2011

William and Kate

This is the day after. William and Kate are finally married. Now they are Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. It was a wonderful wedding. We taped it. Seven hours of commentaries and other not so interesting stuff. We watched much of the seven hours in fast-forward. Kate was a beautiful bride, but aren’t most brides beautiful? Even in wedding gowns that don’t cost $50,000.00. One of the women they interviewed, they were dressed in wedding gowns, just for show I assume, said you can buy a dress for 2 pounds, after another one said she paid 20,000 pounds.
Who the heck were those two women sitting behind the Queen? Those hats! Wow! And that blue dress or skirt one of them was wearing…all bunched up. Whoever designed those must have had a few drinks too many or been on drugs. Speaking of hats. I haven’t seen that many ugly hats in one place for a long time. I’m surprised some of them stayed on the heads of their wearers.
Coming back to the wedding dress. Some designer/commentator said that there will be many imitations in the near future. Why? What’s wrong with other designs? Don't designers have their own ideas anymore, as ugly and ridiculous as some of them are (I'm talking about the designs!).
It confirms my theory that most people are monkeys…monkey see, monkey do. Or possibly sheep. One sheep does something and all the others follow. Just look at the young people these days. Tattoos, rings in ears, noses, lips, eyebrows, and places I don’t want to mention. Torn jeans, clothes two sizes too large, pants falling off their butts, crotch down to the knees (it is beyond me how they can even walk), baseball hats with the shield in all directions except the correct way…to the front. Unless you’re playing baseball, then you turn the shield to the back. They want to be individuals, free spirits, but they don’t seem to realize they are only following a trend most of their peers are following. No individuality there.
At least the weather held out. It didn’t rain and it allowed the couple to ride their open coach. It turned out to be a fairytale wedding. Apparently, 2 billion people watched it on TV, trying to escape their mundane life for a short time and dream about a world where everyone is happy, dream about kings and queens, princes and princesses. Many young girls probably dreamed about meeting their prince.
Fortunately, no crazies tried to interrupt a beautiful happening so many people enjoyed by creating chaos and committing violence. Our world is full of troublemakers and people who will not allow others to live in peace and harmony. Maybe some tried to destroy a few joyful hours, luckily without success, but we won’t hear about that.
Let’s hope this Royal Couple stays together and enjoys a happy future. Maybe some day they will be the King and Queen of England.
Fairy-tales still come true.

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