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Sunday, July 31, 2011


We've been watching the TV series Camelot and I must say I am somewhat disappointed. The episode we watched last night was the one where King Arthur accompanies Guinevere to see her dying father. First of all, King Arthur would have never gone onto a journey like that without a few warriors to accompany him. And I found the whole trip without much sense. In one scene we have Arthur and Guinevere lying on furs at night studying the stars. Come on now, how boring can it get? And Morgan, Arthur's sister? I can't make up my mind if she is evil or not. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what is missing, but there seems to be no tension. I am comparing it with the last series we watched 'Game of Thrones'. Now there was a series that kept you on the edge of your seat. I can't wait for season 2 to start. Too bad about Camelot. I expected more, but I'll finish watching the series.

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