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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Canada Day

Yesterday was Canada Day. Didn't do much but watched the fireworks display in Selkirk, like we do every year. Well, this is only our third year since we've been doing it. It was an amazing display again. It is over in about twenty minutes and it takes us longer than that to drive home in all that traffic, but well worth the trouble. We take picnic chairs along,; they are easy to carry and set up. Then we just sit among the other spectators and enjoy the show. The people who run it set up their stuff on the other side of the Red River and it all happens over the water, so there is little danger of potential fires.
It sure is a nice change watching something like that at 11:00 pm where people have fun and are enjoying themselves, especially the young people, instead of watching the evening news and listening to reports about insurgents in Afghanistan blowing themselves up and murdering innocent people or another Canadian or American soldier getting killed while trying to help free the people in that country. Another thing that bugs are the Greeks complaining about not being able to retire at 55 with full pension and having to work more hours to make a living while the country is going bankrupt. One of the demonstrators (a woman) said "we just won't pay back the loans the other countries in Europe are giving us to bail us out." What an attitude. Of course, our postal workers and their union have a similar attitude about retiring at 55 and their 7 weeks paid holiday, while the post office is losing money. Why don't they see the writing on the wall? The mail service is a dying institution. The 'Pony Express' has run its course. People are using email or texting on their phones.
Soon nobody will be using 'snail mail'. The postal workers should be happy they still have a job. Who knows for how long. I didn't have the luxury to retire at 55. I worked past my retirement age, so don't ask me to have sympathy with them. Oh well, got carried away again. Back to my regular writing. I'm at over 50,000 words with my novel (temporary title: Conspiracy) and still waiting for ideas to finish it.
Actually, these last three days I wrote a Paranormal story which I submitted for a contest. The story is 2,750 words long and took me one day to write but a couple of days to whip in shape, which included a little rewriting.

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