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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Epsilon and Death of a Hero

The day has finally arrived. ‘Death of a Hero’, Book One of my contemporary thriller ‘Web of Conspiracy’ is out. I started writing the book in 2006 and it took two years to finish. Originally the title was ‘Tarnished Valor’ and it was supposed to be the novel that would help me break into the print market, but after trying to find an agent for it I gave up. Time was too precious to waste it finding an agent who would take on a new writer. So I decided to have it published electronically. Since it is such a long novel (around 180,000 words) I made it into a trilogy. Book One: Death of a Hero. Book Two: Traitors and Patriots. Book Three: Tarnished Valor. The books will also be available in print.
I enjoyed writing the book because it was something different for me, since I usually write Science Fiction. I needed to do a lot of research on it, since I’ve never been in Iraq and didn’t know anything about the country and its people, aside from what I read in the media. I learned quite a bit about the country and found it interesting. Originally, I didn’t have any erotica it the novel, but since it seems erotica sells better in e-publishing, I wrote some erotic scenes into it, but not as much as I usually have in my other stories.
My second release this month is ‘Epsilon’, Book One of my Science Fiction trilogy ‘Lizard World’, which is part of a planned series ‘The Spider Wars’. Of course, I don’t know when, if ever, I will write another novel in that series, but it is good to plan ahead. My first published book ‘The Xandra, Daughter of the Dark’ turned into a trilogy, and now I wrote three additional books which will be published in 2012, and I already started Book Seven. There may be more to follow.
My shorter novel ‘Outpost Epsilon’ which is also available from Melange Books, was the forerunner of the ‘Lizard World’ trilogy. Each book is written from a different character's viewpoint, but all three stories meld together in Book Three ‘Raptor’s Tooth’.
Epsilon tells the story from Terrex Stonewall’s viewpoint. He was the main character in ‘Outpost Epsilon’. We’ll also meet his friend Will Peters again.
I’ve always wanted to write about a world populated by dinosaurs. Well, Epsilon is that world.
If you are interested in buying the book, please click on Epsilon.
Click on Death of a Hero, if you are interested in my contemporary novel. Or buy both.

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