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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Almost done

I just finished editing my latest novel for the second time. It is amazing how much I missed with the first edit. I wouldn't be surprised if I found more things wrong the next time I read it. During my first edit I looked mainly for inconsistencies, like the wrong name, time-frame, awkward dialog and sentences. The second time I concentrated more on wrong words, dialog and sentences. I printed it out and now I will read it again in the printed form to see how the story flows. After that I will send it to my publisher.
The new and most likely final title of the novel is 'Bullet of Revenge'. (The writing title was 'Conspiracy'). I had other titles which I liked better, but when I did a search on the internet those titles already existed.
The word-count of the novel is 102,700 words. I was afraid I may have to make it into 2 books, but I contacted my publisher and was told the length was fine as an ebook. Also, it looks better in print when the novel is longer.
I thoroughly enjoyed writing this novel. It presented me with many challenges. It is a contemporary novel and takes place in the present time, in 2011 to be exact. I had to make sure I got all my days and dates right.
As soon as I'm completely finished I will go back to writing Book Seven in the Xandra series. Back to Science Fiction. I'm looking forward to it.

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