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Saturday, September 17, 2011

King Tut - an interesting trip

About three weeks ago, Monday August 22, to be exact, we drove to Minneapolis to see the King Tut display in the Science Museum in Saint Paul. The first day we drove to Alexandria where we spent the night. In Alexandria we visited the Viking Museum. Very interesting display. It proved that Vikings visited North America already long before Columbus ‘discovered’ America.
The next day we drove to Bloomington. We stayed in the Comfort Inn which is near the Mall of America. Driving on the Interstate was hair-raising for me. We are not used to these highways. This was our first trip in many years. Usually we go on holidays by plane. But we made it safely to our hotel without getting off the freeway at the wrong exit.
Before we left, I studied Google maps and printed them out, so I knew exactly which exit to take. The Mall of America was sure a great experience. It is huge, but we didn’t find any bargains. We can buy the same stuff in Canada for the same price. The aquarium was interesting. We visited Bubba Gump and ate Shrimp. We also went shopping at IKEA, which is next to the Mall of America. We found the layout of IKEA strange. You go in one way and have to follow the arrows to get out again. We actually did buy some things there.
Thursday, August 25, we drove to the Science Museum. It was only a twenty-minute drive from our hotel. The King Tut display was marvelous. We spent three hours looking at everything. There was also a real mummy on display. To think all those treasures are thousands of years old. It blows your mind just to imagine it.
We left Minneapolis Friday, August 26, traveled to Grand Forks where we spent the night. We had supper at Grizzly’s Grill. Great Steak. The next day, Saturday, August 27, we went shopping in the Columbia Mall. Left after lunch to drive home. We had a good time but it was nice to sleep in my own bed again and take care of my fish and garden. I’m like an old tree. My roots are at home and when I get transplanted I don’t feel right.

After we came home, we watched a bunch of movies about the pyramids and it gets you thinking. Apparently, according to some researchers, the pyramids were built thousands of years before the age of the pharaohs. They were not built as tombs for them. The Egyptians did not have the technology to build those pyramids in the short time span most historians claim. The pyramid at Giza has 2,300,000 huge stones. If it was built in 20 years as is claimed, they would have to put up one stone every 2.3 minutes, working 12 hours a day.
Some scientists believe there were already ancient civilizations with a high technology that even surpasses ours living thousands of years ago on Earth. With the technology we possess today, we could not build the pyramids with such accuracy. The other explanation, which is also quite fascinating for me, suggests there were visitors from another planet on Earth.
Very interesting and intriguing. And it makes total sense. The evidence is there all around the globe. Unfortunately, what we can’t explain because it doesn’t fit into the established facts and theories of the scientists and historians, we ignore and shrug off. If somebody comes along with a new theory he/she is usually ridiculed by the scientific community. Nobody wants to re-write the history books. And let’s not forget the church. According to some religious people the Universe is only 6,000 years old and everything, including the fossils, was created that way. The reason for that is still a mystery. Total nonsense as far as I’m concerned. It is so illogical it doesn’t even make sense.

Maybe some day I’ll write a novel with an ancient civilization as the background. All I need is an idea and the inspiration.

Oh, here is something interesting. I’m always fascinated by numbers. Mystery numbers, that is, like waking up during the night at 4:44 or 2:22. Here is a mystery number for you. When we came home from our trip, I drove into the garage and shut off the motor. This is what the odometer showed:

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