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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The End of the World

Unbelievable! It is always amazing how many coots and idiots live among us. How many times has somebody predicted the End of the World? It seems they haven’t learned yet because they keep popping up. This evangelist spent his entire retirement fund ($144,000.00) to announce on billboards that Judgment Day is on May 21st, 2011 (Yesterday). It was supposed to start with an earthquake and then continue around the world every hour with another one until the Earth was destroyed. Well…we are still here. What is he going to do now? Ask for donations from the other idiots who believed him? Perhaps some day one of these Doomsday-Sayers will get it right, who knows.
I remember quite a number of years ago, one of these ‘prophets’ gathered all of his followers on top of a mountain and waited for Jesus to pick them up. They gave away all of their possessions. Imagine how they felt when nobody came to pick them up and now they had no place to return to. Maybe they are still waiting... How can anyone feel sorry for them?
History is full of stories like that. It seems, people never learn. I am always puzzled that there is no shortage of people who believe these charlatans. If they don’t wait for somebody to physically take them to a better world, they commit suicide to speed up the process. Are people really that dumb or ignorant?
Unfortunately, the answer is Yes. One only has to look at the religions on this planet, the big, so-called ‘True’ religions and the cults, the smaller groups. What do they actually believe? They believe that there exists a better world than the one we live in. They believe the world will be destroyed some day and all the faithful will be saved and taken to this better world. It's a wonderful dream. Most of us dream of a better world. Is it because this one is so bad? Who is to blame for this bad world we live in? Why would the next one be better when everyone who makes this one bad will also be there? Wouldn’t it be better to try to make the one we have a better place instead of dreaming about a fantasy world that may not exist?
Something to think about.
The Mayans predict the end of ‘the world we know’ will happen in 2012. According to the Mayans this happens periodically every so many thousands of years. Scientists speculate about Earth’s possible destruction by a huge meteor that might collide with our planet some day.
It’s all speculation. I am more inclined to believe the scientists than the writings in old books or the visions of so-called prophets or seers.
But then again…I might just be wrong. In the meantime, I write my stories and my own visions of humanity’s future. They all start with the word ‘if’.That is my contribution of trying to make the world we live in a better, more pleasurable place, to provide readers with a place they can escape to for a few hours. Sure, the worlds I create are imaginary, but no less real than the one promised in old books.

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