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Monday, May 30, 2011

Episode 7 of Game of Thrones

Just finished watching another episode of 'Game of Thrones'. This is one show I'm glad I started watching. It is a bit confusing sometimes, to keep all the names straight, but nevertheless, it is a great show. Plenty of action, intrigue, erotica, and a good story. The ending of tonight's episode was surprising and I can't wait for the continuation. It is fantasy, to be sure, but it isn't any different than watching a movie about knights and kings from hundreds of years ago. Certainly a wonderful change from all the cop-shows and CSI shows. Or even all those reality shows.
The Borgias has come to an end. My wife and I really enjoyed that one also. That was not fantasy but taken from history. A bit of an eye opener about the corruption in the church and the power-play and politics that goes on, probably still to this day. Makes one wonder if the religious leaders truly believe what they preach or if they are only in it for the power and prestige their positions bring.
By the way, I've written around 22,000 words in my new novel so far. Right now it has the title 'Conspiracy', but that will change once the story is finished.

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