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Friday, May 06, 2011

Osama Bin-Laden and the Law

Now there are those who wonder if killing Osama Bin-Laden was legal. What??? Legal? You people must be kidding! Who cares. The man was a terrorist. Terrorists don't worry about the law and about legality. The only way to fight them is to drop down to their level. Should the President of the US have gone to the Pakistani government and asked for permission? Maybe he should have asked the Saudis, after all he was an Arab. Or perhaps he should have gotten permission from the Al-Quaida. I can only shake my head. I wouldn't be surprised if some lawyer doesn't come around and wants an inquiry. Who would pay his fees though? I guess he would have to figure that one out yet. I'm sure he'll find some group who would fund him. There are plenty of 'do-gooders' around who worry about the stupidest things and want to see justice done. Well, justice has been done. It doesn't matter how. One less terrorist walking the Earth. That man caused so much death and chaos in the world. Every time I am in an airport I curse these bastards who are responsible for the delays at the borders, the body searches, the additional cost to travel and the worry there might be some suicidal/murderess fanatic boarding the plane with me. I applaud the team of SEALS who finally put an end to the evil that was Osama Bin-Laden.

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